Egbin Power PLC is a proud show case for ‘best in class’ operational and performance standards within the sub-Saharan power sector with a state-of-the-art facility housing six steam turbines with an overall installed capacity of 1,320 megawatts and currently working on projects geared towards enhancing this capacity through new technology and alternative energy sources.

We are more than just a power plant or the locality’s largest employer. Egbin Power Plc is embedded in the fabric of the community, teeming with dynamic, hardworking people and multiple cultural expressions. We don’t just generate electric power, we utilize our power as agents for a social purpose by giving wings to the aspirations of our host communities via our Personal Corporate and Social Responsibility interventions specifically designed to touch lives and make lasting, positive changes with particular focus paid to good health and quality education


To be the provider of choice where energy is consumed.



We transform through sustainable and reliable innovation in energy generation, connecting lives and positively impacting livelihoods.


Safety, Professionalism, Integrity & Discipline, Commitment (to stakeholders), Environmental Consciousness, and  Sustainability