Egbin Power Plc. recognizes continuous engagement as a strategy that will provide ample opportunity for stakeholders to better understand and be a part of the decision-making processes, which will, in turn, provide Egbin with the needed support and cooperation.

Consequently, Egbin has continued to proactively cater to the social needs of her prominent stakeholder categories, the host communities, through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Annual Scholarship Award to indigent students

Annual Community medical outreach

Infrastructural upgrades within the communities

Youth Entrepreneurship / Skill acquisition/ Vocational Training

Egbin Power Community Football Tournament

Donation of oxygen to government hospitals

Free tokened 24 hrs uninterrupted
electricity supply to General Hospital
in the Vicinity

Quarterly Donation of Medications to
General Hospital Ijede

COVID-19 Interventions

“Continuous growth keeps a nation growing and a people relevant”. We aim to take necessary steps and strong partnerships that will reduce the level of illiteracy within our environs. This commitment is evident in ongoing literacy campaigns across the villages surrounding the company and continuous upgrade of the school owned and operated by the company.

We are committed to ensuring a proper waste management system to avoid pollution and also drive an eco-friendly environment. We are also pursuing partnerships and investments in Going Green technology that will ensure our operations fall within the prescribed levels that will promote a clean and sustainable environment.

At Egbin, we are committed to providing access to basic infrastructure for health as well as platforms for encouraging entrepreneurship and capacity building to boost economic empowerment of host communities. We also play a strategic role in partnering with organizations to offer support for physically challenged persons within our environs.

We subscribe to the principle of inclusion and this is reinforced by our employment policies that encourage a level playing field for employees regardless of creed, race, physical abilities or gender. We are particularly mindful of the need to support people with physical challenges in our employ to ensure that the environment and policies support their development.