Lagos, Nigeria: June 5, 2023: Deliberate actions designed to further reduce environmental pollution in line with global agenda for sustainability has been outlined by Egbin Power Plc, the largest Power Generating station in Nigeria, to commemorate World Environment Day 2023, under the theme “Solutions to plastic pollution.”

The GenCo, while raising awareness about the hazardous impact of pollution on the environment also called for concerted global efforts among governments, businesses, and individuals towards building a more sustainable world.

Speaking during the activities outlined to commemorate this year’s World Environment Day, Chief Executive Officer, Egbin Power Plc, Mokhtar Bounour noted that deliberate actions are being taken by people, organizations and governments that are forward-thinking, especially those who are concerned about posterity and sustainability of people and the environment.

“Egbin Power Plc is a big stakeholder in the global conversation around the environment. In response to the global call for environmental sustainability, we display due diligence in air quality management, water oil separation, analysis of physiochemical parameters and actions taken based on findings from analysis. We also engage in emission monitoring, discharge of water temperature control prior to reinjection as well as proper and detailed waste management practices among many other.”

He noted that as part of commemoration of this year’s theme which is focused on beating plastic pollution, we are carrying out seashore cleaning activities to remove plastic waste, in addition to enlightenment sessions by seasoned environmentalists on the impact of plastic pollution on our environment.

“At Egbin Power, Plc we are building a culture to help team members take environmental due diligence as an individual responsibility to contribute limitlessly to the attainment of group environmental objectives”, he said.

“In furtherance to our sustainability drive, our kids at the Powerfield Group of Schools, Egbin, Ikorodu, have been fully trained to be able to imbibe recycling as a way of life. This makes them utilize cartons, plastic bottles, and other materials to build artworks and artefacts which will be put on display as soon as the recycling museum is commissioned by Egbin Power Plc. There are also plans in place to build a compost garden and recycle hub for plastics and other recyclables. ” Bounour explained.

According to the United Nations (UN) environment programme, the 2023 World Environment Day campaign #BeatPlasticPollution calls for global solutions to combat plastic pollution.

This year, the United Nations considers the rising impact of plastics, especially single use plastic in the overall pollution of the environment from oceans to beaches and other water bodies and in land pollution. Plastic pollution is explained as hazards posed to Earth’s ecosystems by the accumulation of waste plastic products and particles.

According to a recent report, more plastic waste is produced per person in developing countries with poor garbage collection systems. Due to this, most of the plastic that pollutes the ocean originates in the rivers of developing and middle-income nations. However, developed nations, particularly those with low recycling rates, also struggle with plastic waste collection.

Over the years, Egbin Power Plc has been on the forefront of promoting environmental sustainability and other zero emission campaigns. The company aims to drastically reduce carbon emissions for environmental sustainability, healthier lifestyle, and productivity.